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Cotswold TV is a TV and video production company filming for clients nationally and internationally. We've all got the ability to capture high-quality video using the device in our pocket - Cotswold TV steps in when it requires a 'little more effort'. Producing content for business and TV of all sizes, spanning a vast array of themes. From Long Covid to Nuclear Power and from Theatre to Food and Drink. Cotswold TV is proudly filming our Cotswold Life Food and Drink Award nominees for the 12th year.

At the heart of Cotswold TV, you'll find Tom Wakefield planning, filming, producing, directing and editing. There may be support around allowing the creativity to exist but it's very important to Tom that when he sits down and plans a film with you it's him who will be back to film you and create the edit.

"I've been doing this a long time now and one thing I've realised is when you are a creative person, you want to create which is why if someone comes to Cotswold TV for a video - I'll be producing it. With over 3000 videos made in over 15 years, I'm still fascinated by discovering insight into all of the businesses I film for. I write this having just filmed a Chief Constable talk about the mounted police before I start to edit footage about street food style school dinners!

No matter the production you have in mind I'm always happy to have a coffee (at a Cotswold Life Food and Drink Award Winner) and talk it through. Planning, concepts, and storyboarding play a huge part in filmmaking. There is no reason your business intro, online tv series, corporate film or event video can't be a Hollywood epic."

To contact Cotswold TV and kick start a production contact the team via email or visit the website.

Meet our 2019 Finalists

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